Image of Ami James

~Ami James~

Ami James is a celebrity tattoo artist based in Miami (where he has Love Hate Tattoo) FL and New York, NY, the home of Wooster Street Social Club. Love Hate was the location of Miami Ink and is still operating and successful. Wooster St Social Club, is the both the set of NY Ink and a popular NYC Tattoo shop.

In  (year to year) Ami starred in  "Miami Ink" and currently works on the "NY Ink" spin off. Ami's talent and charisma are what brought TLC to him for these 2 successful projects. "Miami Ink" and its popularity grew like wildfire.  It was one of TLC's most highly watched shows attracting between 5-6 million viewers a week.  The show continues to air in syndication worldwide and is still highly popular even as a whole new following begins for "NY Ink". TLC also saw opportunity on the success of the show with a Miami Ink Clothing Line and from there the demand was created for both NY Ink and Ami James Ink Lines. The 2 new projects are successful and in the beginning of the 2nd seasons.

Ami has garnered international acclaim as a tattoo artist and celebrity, largely due to his tremendous talent, charisma and success of "Miami Ink". And also because he is so relatable to his audience for the "working class man, who has found success with in his passion and talents" story that he has.

Ami's edgy and immensely individual style has adapted through years of work and a cultured upbringing.  He was born in Israel, and has been in Miami since the age of 12.  Ami got his first tattoo at age 13 –the first professional tattoo at 15. Then in his late teens returned to Israel to serve in the Army and do his part for his country. Through his twenties he both apprenticed and labored for his talent, by surrounding himself by artist he could learn from and paying his dues. From those humble beginnings, he now owns and operates two of the worlds most famous tattoo shops. Eighteen years later, he still has a love for ink, and is truly a success story! 

Ami also has tremendous passion for cars, choppers, painting, and free-style fighting. Free-style fighting and animals are both private and now public areas of Ami's interest through both charitable work and awareness. As you may have seen in PETA's print ad series, featuring the tagline "Ink, Not Mink."  Ami also designed an animal rights tattoo which PETA used as its logo and which was also made into a temporary tattoo for children.

Finally, Ami most recently has been balancing his life and professional time between Love Hate Tattoos and Love Hate Lounge in Miami Florida, Wooster Street Social Club in NYC, and Ami James Ink Clothing in Los Angeles California.